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Page-Less Websites Are Beneficial For Users and Website Owners

13 Aug 2014

written by John Kelly

Page-Less Websites Are Beneficial For Users and Website Owners

Page-less websites are one of the fastest growing trends in the web designing domain. This term is previously being thrown around a lot in the circles of web design; however, a majority of the end-users have yet to hear about it. Page-less web designing is a design concept that modifies the outmoded concepts of structure and layout. Perfect sense is made by page-less websites, unlike books, websites are not incorporated between covers, nor are they restricted to ink and paper, flat and frozen and silent.

There are many top leading web design firms across the globe and according to them, page-less designing is the future of the industry. There are a number of websites that actually feature this layout and almost immediately, more will follow suit. However, behold the following paragraphs that present the benefits of page-less web designing:

Meaningful and Purposeful

There are many standard websites that structured like catalogue of information, but have no obvious purpose. As far as the page-less websites are concerned; the information on such sites has to be concise and clear. In the past, users had to guide themselves around a website, seeking links and exploring more than a few pages to locate their desired information. Now with page-less design concept, the user just has to visit one page that is more probable to end with the accomplishment of a particular goal (as an instance, the user purchases something or shares any link with friends) as their voyage through the website has been arranged and planned by the web designer.

Unfamiliar Format

With the passage of time, the web has drastically changed with a fast pace. Page-less design is a new world concept and has numerous advantages that could let firms to narrate stories about each single product in a persuasive way. However, this unfamiliar format of the websites may feel foreign to a majority of the visitors who could potentially give up a site due to the absence of familiarity.

Keep Engaged

Visitors are more probable to spend more time on page-less websites as they are user-friendly websites, as the users just have to scroll up and down or click on a particular link (s). So, there is no any chance for a visitor to become irritated when links do not function or they cannot find their desired page or information. Page-less web design is less like a book and more like an interactive voyage. It is unique to the Internet, that’s why this model cannot be imitated in any other media.

Mobile and Social Media Friendly

There is one more advantage of page-less website; it looks wonderful on any kind of device. Users have the access to any website because of the today’s Internet that is vital due to a number of factors. Moreover, a page-less website is also very social media friendly, due to the way that users can share the site. Users, with conventional sites, would have to single out which specific page or link to share; however, the whole process of decision making is simplified by this approach.

Responsiveness of Page-less Design

Another splendid benefit of the page-less websites is that a majority of such sites are very responsive in nature. However, a page-less website also inclines to assume that a firm is a kind of one dimensional type of being with only one account to tell. Firms that create their large websites having numerous pages do not just concentrate on one story. They almost certainly have thousands of various stories going on.

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This post was written by John Kelly

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