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Your Education: Was it worth it?

19 Jul 2011

written by Nick DeNardis

Your Education: Was it worth it?

As part of my EDUTweetup presentation I started talking to a lot of people inside and outside higher education about their educational experience. I found a polarization happening very quickly. People either started giving me a sales pitch for their institution, while others focused on themselves and how hard they worked to use “the system” to get where they are now.

Is the higher education bubble coming?

We all know higher education works, it has been churning out graduates every year who go in to the workforce. But are the graduates successful? Many people point to an inevitable bubble that is about to burst. Higher education is becoming more expensive, students often end up in jobs outside of their field and the employee/employer relationship is not what it use to be.

Can higher education keep up?

I’m not going to rehash previous arguments and theories about where higher education is going. Instead I am taking an idea from Fred Reichheld and his book “The Ultimate Question“. I’ll give you a little spoiler and let you know the ultimate question is “would you recommend this product or service to a friend or family member?” To get a little more insight into this I decided to create a survey to get a wider sample size.

Where do you stand?

It is now your turn to help. The survey below won’t take more than 5 minutes and you can feel good about contributing to enforcing or debunking the myth of the higher education bubble.

Take the survey

Once you are done please pass this along to a friend or anyone else you know, regardless if they work in higher education or not.

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