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[Survey] Higher Ed CMS Usage, 2011

17 Oct 2011

written by Michael Fienen

[Survey] Higher Ed CMS Usage, 2011

You’ve asked, and we’re responding. About a year and a half ago, we did a survey on what CMSs were being used in higher ed. This data was one of our best participated surveys to date, and is still a popular destination for schools looking into what they should be using. So, after several of you contacted us about updated information, we’ve put together an expanded survey to update the information.

While the survey recaps several of the same questions as last time, this time around we’ve also made an effort to expand the research to look at several more datapoints (some at your request) regarding features, usage, and satisfaction of your current tool. We think this will make the information collected miles more helpful for you all, and continue to develop the data in a meaningful direction for the future. The whole survey should still take less than ten minutes though, and your feedback will be extremely helpful to others in the industry.

Our hope is that this will help provide some stepping stones for those designing, redesigning, or realigning a site who need a new CMS to serve as the foundation for their university’s site. We appreciate any information you can share with us! Get started below, and be sure to share the survey with your colleagues at other schools.

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Michael Fienen

For six years, Michael served as the Director of Web Marketing at Pittsburg State University. Currently, he is the Senior Interactive Developer at Aquent and is also CTO for the interactive map provider nuCloud. When it comes to web communication, he focuses very heavily on interpersonal communication components of websites, as well as content considerations that must be taken into account when building usable sites.  He is an active supporter of the dotCMS community, accessibility advocate, consultant, internationally featured speaker on web issues, and general purpose geek who wears many hats.

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  • Anonymous

    When will the survey results be published? Any chance of an interim release? I’m in the midst of making a case for a CMS this week!

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