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5 Reasons You Should Sign Up For the .eduGuru Summit

26 Mar 2012

written by Kyle James

5 Reasons You Should Sign Up For the .eduGuru Summit

If you read this blog then chances are you don’t really need any reasons to sign up for our second annual online marketing and web development conference. Well just in case you do need some reasons I’m going to do my best to convince you.

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1. It’s Online So You Don’t Need To Travel

That’s right, you don’t need to pack a bag, book a plane ticket or spend money on a hotel room to attend this summit! One of the greatest things about HighEdWeb or any of those other annual conferences is actually physically meeting and hanging out with everyone. We admit we’re not worthy and don’t even want to compete with those guys. We want you to be able to focus on the backchannel and have the freedom to ask that question that you are dying to know from behind your computer screen. We have a saying that you might appreciate.

Time spent on the road could be better spent with your family and friends!

2. We Have Legit Rockstar Presenters

Ok, so maybe that Kyle James jackwagon is a little bit of a joke, but that still puts us at 11 out of 12 presenters being awesome! That is over a 90% hit rate! Our presenters have lots of experience presenting and even more as true subject matter experts. These presenters have lived in the trenches with you and don’t just say they understand the problem… they really do! Most of these presentations are brand new.

Karlyn’s presentation description simply states “A Rant.” That has to be pretty legendary, right?

3. We Have Something For You Mr. Web Developer or Ms. Marketing Guru

Similar to our summit last year we have broken up the presentations into two days where one is marketing focused and the other is more technical. The great thing about this is that we have something for everyone. You can attend a single day if you have more code to write and could care less about the marketing side of the equation. Of course we want everyone to attend both days, but we’d rather have you get specifically what you want and just make a single day over nothing.

4. Every Session Is Recorded

Every session will be recorded and available to you to watch as many times as you want. This was one of the biggest positive pieces of feedback we received from the event last year. Recordings are especially great for the more technical talks. Even if you can’t attend the conference live, the recording is still totally worth the investment. After all, we aren’t asking you to buy a plane ticket or stay at a hotel. Put your money where it matters!

5. Tell Me Where You Can Attend A Conference This Cheap

You know without travel we cut down on the costs of this summit greatly! That is kind of awesome too, right? We can’t just give away access to twelve presenters of this caliber for nothing, but we can come pretty close. We encourage lots of questions in the sessions and we want to answer all of your questions. Hit us with your best shot and you won’t be disappointed.

So your totally signing up, right? What else do I need to tell you to convince you? Don’t make me write another post with five more reasons to attend… I will do it!

View the Presentations and Presents

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Kyle James

Kyle is the CEO & Co-Founder at nuCloud and formerly the webmaster at Wofford College. He also spent almost 4 years at HubSpot doing a range of jobs including inbound marketing consulting, sales, management, and product management.  Kyle is an active contributor in the social media spectrum. Although his background is technical, he claims to know a thing or two about marketing, but mostly that revolves around SEO, analytics, blogging, and social media. He has spoken at multiple national conferences and done countless webinars on topics ranging from e-mail marketing to social media and Web analytics. He's definitely a fairly nice guy.

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