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Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools in 2013

11 Apr 2013

written by Sonia Jackson

Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools in 2013

Why do people need social analytic tools? The truth is that they are not needed. They do not affect the online reputation of anyone on social media. There are some people however who are able to use social media analytic tools to judge their online social media marketing campaigns. When you set up a social media campaign, one thing you need to be able to do is measure some form of results. If you have no measuring methods at all, then how can you be sure that anything you are doing is effective? Many people will use their websites analytic programs to check the effectiveness of their online campaign.

People use their website’s analytic tools to check their social media campaign success, by seeing which domains their traffic came from. For example, if the traffic came from Twitter then they may consider their Twitter campaign a success. But, this does not tell the full story. What if you only have 5 people visit from Twitter, but have 900 people talking about you on Twitter? How would you ever know that this phenomenon occurred without social media analytic tools? Here are five that you can try:

1 – Spredfast—Social Media Management

Spredfast Rollup Analytics Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools in 2013

This is a social media management software that you can use to create reports for certain metrics and then manage your campaign. There are not a lot of tools but the system is very good at organizing content for you. It currently works with Facebook, Google+, SlideShare, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn.

You can manage and organize content and results from hundreds of different teams and sources. Some people use this tool to manage their workflow. There is a content library and a function that ties in with Google Analytics. You can also track and resolve any customer problems via social media.

2 – Sysomos—Business Intelligence for Social Media

demographiques sysomos Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools in 2013

This is a tool that is very sophisticated in design and is able to accommodate the needs of larger companies. You may run the system with five users and an administrator or account manager. It offers unlimited amounts of data. It works with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, YouTube and forums.

When you start using the system, it can look back on the last thirty days and in many cases bring up some data for you. If you have just decided to start paying money for social media monitoring because of something that has just happened, then this backtracking function may suit you well. There is no time limit on the data that it saves, as it will save your info for as long as you are a client. This program comes with date that is pulled from Google Analytics, with which they can create a buzzgraph.

3 – UberVU—Social Media Marketing Redesigned

Analytics UberVu Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools in 2013

This is a tool that gives you access to a lot of information in a very raw form. This means that data analysts can get very accurate assessments of a social media campaign. It is a little bit like a listening tool for online chatter and it works with blogs, news sites, forums, Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Picasa and Blogger. The amount of mentions you can mention per day is limited, but the basic plan says you can measure as many as ten thousand mentions. They also do signal scans of conversations so that you can monitor any brand mentions in real time, as well as monitor trends in real time.

4 – Sprout Social—Social Media Management

Sprout Screenshots Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools in 2013

This is a monitoring and management tool, and on their basic plan you can monitor up to ten profiles. You can schedule the messages that you are going to give out and it works with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. The tools are pretty good and easy to use, plus they have apps to go with your iPhone or Android. If you are looking for brand terms then you will be able to generate them with Twitter or Facebook. It can however monitor brand information on news sites, content sites and blogs if you wish.

5 – Viralheat—Social Media Simplified


viral heat dashboard Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools in 2013

This is a social media monitoring device that the developers have worked to turn into a very sophisticated piece of software. The tool is now a good monitoring device and a good management tool that is not too expensive for most businesses. Currently you can measure analytics on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs, Facebook and forums.

With this tool you can compare various search profiles or you can compare relevant terms, and you can do is over the Internet or over different businesses. You can track certain business words or products over the social media sites and you can see what is causing a buzz and what is not. You can visualize the data on a pie chart or graph. Using the results you gain from this analytic device, you can better optimize your own social media campaign.

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This post was written by Sonia Jackson

  • Julie Meredith

    Thanks for the roundup, Sonia. It’s really helpful to see a clear, high level overview of the strengths and uses of each tool. I’d just like to chime in and suggest adding Synthesio to your list. Synthesio is a strong option for larger brands with a need for international listening, pulling in data from 190+ countries & 50+ languages. Also, ranked #1 for data quality in the WebLiquid Buyer’s Guide:

    Julie Meredith – (Marketing Manager, Synthesio)

    • Sonia Jackson

      Hi, Julie. Thank you for such a great addition to this list. You’re right, Synthesio is the one that should be mentioned. Thank you!

  • Carrie Maddocks

    Thanks for the list! I knew only sprout tools, will check the rest. Also I think BuzzBundle should be added to the list, at least I recommend it.

  • Brittany at Sprout Social

    Thanks for including Sprout Social on the list, Sonia! Much appreciated.

  • bexdeep

    Hi Sonia, Thanks for coming up with the list of these social media monitoring platforms. However, I see that the list contains wide variety of tools that target from SMBs to large enterprises. It would be good to see a list that segments these tools w.r.t business size. That would be really helpful. Let me know if I can be of any help, as I myself represent a social business intelligence firm Simplify360.

    Deep Sherchan – CMO, Simplify360

  • Someone Else

    Hmm, good to know. I haven’t heard of any. I bet it’s probably worth looking into…

  • Anna Pham

    Thanks for the list, those apps sound really interesting, might try one of this for better social media understanding.

  • Adam Scott

    I respect your efforts creating this post – but may I offer a bit
    criticism? I read a lot of these kinds of “top social media tools” –
    articles during the last weeks – and there are always the same tools
    mentioned. Sure, some of them are unquestionable handy time savers, but
    others are outdated by other great tools, that are for some reason
    rarely mentioned. For example: the tool “quintly” is simply awesome and
    gives you much more flexibility than other social media analytics tools -
    still it is mentioned way to less! Please keep your eyes open and try
    out new things! Regards, Adam

  • Elisabeth Michaud

    Hi Sonia, thanks for including uberVU in this list! I noticed you included some outdated screen shots and info about our product – any chance I can send you the updates via email? Would love to share the most accurate info with your readers.

    - Elisabeth, Community Manager at uberVU

  • Suhas

    Hi ,
    Nice list.Thanks in advance.I am looking for a free social media analysis tool which can help me track individual users activity on my website , so that I can reward the most active users.

  • TravelBoardingPass

    Hi Sonia, Thanks for this list. We, in our new venture,, use HootSuite. Perhaps, it is worth trying some of the ones in the list.

    TBP Social media manager

  • Kemal Kaya

    Hi, nice list, but all for professional websites. Need simple social media analytcs.

  • John O’Riordain

    Thanks for the summary, Sonia!

    I’d say BuzzBundle ( would make a nice addition to the list. I would strongly recommend it for those who want an all-in-one package that offers broad social media coverage.

  • markus davis

    Thanks for the post!

    Surprized you didn’t include SocialWinApp in it. Have been using it for quite a while and am completely satisfied.

  • Nitin Tripathi

    Thanks for a great list i have used a few of them but currently hooked on to it gives some of the best analytics i have seen.

  • Jordan

    Thanks for the article Sonia…These are all pretty solid…One that was not mentioned here was #evalue analytics. I used it recently…its actually much more detailed and substantial than these other ones… its an amazing platform for monitoring and overall analytics. You guys should check it out:

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