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The Popularity Behind Professor Blogs Today – Explained

30 May 2013

written by Kathryn Smith

The Popularity behind Professor Blogs Today - Explained

The virtual world of teachers is buzzing with activity since they took to blogging. Gone are the days when blogging was just a personal journal of one’s own ideas and experiences. Blogs help us connect with others in a more personal way. When you’re in the classroom you only share your knowledge with the students, which can be exhausting. When you are at it for a long time, you will start realizing the need to get more inputs and ideas in order to truly enjoy this noble profession. To avoid getting to this exhausted state of mind, you can start blogging, which will help you connect with others who have different ideas and opinions. Moreover, blogging brings to you a whole new experience and contacts which will help you polish your skills over time. Plus, you can become more successful as a teacher and achieve more heights than you ever expected to when you started your career.

Below are a number of benefits of blogging.

Helps You Share Your Ideas with Other Professionals:

While it is true that knowledge sharing happens inside your campus, blogging your ideas and experiences would help you reach the other professionals out there. This could benefit both you and your readers. If they find that your ideas are helpful, they will come for more. Also, they will share their ideas with you and implementing them in your teaching will give you creative ways to teach your students. Students are very clever, and they can easily learn from textbooks. Therefore, your job has become more demanding than what meets the eye. Blogging is a very helpful way to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to handle your students’ need of know-how.

Improves Thought Process:

It is important to improve your thought process in order to get creative ideas to teach your students. If you are going to use the same method for the whole term, your classes will eventually become boring. Therefore, it is important to keep your thought process very active so that you come up with good ways to impart knowledge. For this to actually happen you need to do more than just think about it. You need to share what you already have with others and get ideas from them. This will greatly enhance your thought process and make your mind sharper and help you stay tuned to meet the increasing demand for creative teaching.

Increases Recruitment Opportunities:

Consider this scenario. You are a very active professor who does tons of research in the field in which you’re teaching. What if prospective employers who could give you good opportunities to help you grow professionally are not aware of the research work? Would you be able to utilize your potential and move forward in your career like you could have done if your skills were recognized? To some people this scenario isn’t that important. However, when you share your knowledge online, the chances to get recognized are higher. Also, you can reach the attention of some very reputed organizations, which will not only be ready to recruit you but also give you monetary and non-monetary rewards along with opportunities that might not have been available previously.

Helps to Grow Your Network:

It is not necessarily important to have lots of contacts. What matters is how helpful your contacts are. Only helpful contacts will help you out when you are in need of an idea or a creative way to make a presentation. Also, you can help other professionals with your ideas when they have a need. This way, your blog readers and you can benefit each other mutually. Plus, your blog can become a go-to place for many professionals who are passionate teachers who want to enjoy their career. You’ll never know the people that you will meet and connect with until you begin blogging.

Increases the Reputation of Your Employer:

All of you would want to be on the good books of your employer. If you are an active blogger who socially shares your knowledge and teaching techniques with fellow professionals outside your organization, your employer is surely going to trust you with more responsibilities. Also, this will increase the reputation of your employer which will make them want to keep you in their organization. This can lead to other perks and allow you to reach new heights in your field of study.

These are some of the reasons why teachers and professors have started setting up their own blogs. There are good platforms which offer quality service, and you can start your blog in less than an hour if you prepare the content beforehand. Most likely there is someone or a team at your institution that can help you get going.

Photo Credit: Professor Ivan Evans by Serena Lee

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Kathryn Smith

Kathryn Smith is a tech and entertainment blogger who works for a reputed online publication. She also identifies various distance learning programs in order to help the younger generation fulfill their career goals and dreams.

This post was written by Kathryn Smith

  • Anna Pham

    Very interesting idea, thougth I think not many professors have their own blogs.

  • msd4946

    “reputed organizations”? OUCH! Did you mean to say “entities that are reputed to be organizations? I believe you meant “reputable organizations.” I’m inclined to let the other faux pas’ pass, but this one deserved remark.

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