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5 Reasons to Use Buffer to Manage Your School’s Social Media

03 Feb 2014

written by Ken Myers

5 Reasons to Use Buffer to Manage Your School’s Social Media

When it comes to marketing your content on social networks, there are many ways you can go about spreading the word. Instead of logging into each profile one by one, you can use an online tool such as Buffer in order to post your updates and information from a single locale. You can save yourself a great deal of time and effort by keeping all of your social outlets active simultaneously. What makes Buffer such an interesting find?

1. Cost Efficient

In its free form, Buffer can cover some of the most popular social media accounts for marketing your material and site. If you only concentrate using a single log in and controlling Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, you wouldn’t have to pay a single dime for using the service. However, greater functionality for tracking and monitoring dozens of profiles can be had by subscribing to the usage fees for business. You could have many members with access to deep analytical data to help you develop your next marketing strategy.

2. Analytical Data

As opposed to similar services, Buffer doesn’t charge for a basic report of users clicking on your posts. Although there is deeper analytical data concerning user experience and interaction with a paid account, the free version will still display how others are interacting with all posts created through Buffer. This is a great benefit if you’re testing certain hashtags, keywords or topics in order to develop more engaging material for future use.

3. Plugin for Sharing

Like a few other alternative applications, Buffer utilizes a plugin for your browser that allows you to instantly share any website or content you come across. This can be used for self-promotion of your subdomains or main content areas as well as sharing relevant topics across the Internet. This plugin will also allow you to share highlighted text within pages. Instead of copying the text, you simply click the “Buffer Selected Text” option after right-clicking the material.

4. Future Posts

As the app’s name suggests, you’re able to buffer material to be instantly updated at a future date. This is very useful if you want to go on vacation but want the social activity to continue. Add a few posts to be displayed during any time interval, and the system will post on your behalf automatically. Spring breaks, Christmas vacations and other educational holidays can still be productive when no one is even in the office or class room.

5. Link Shortening

As Twitter and Facebook only allow so many characters per post, you need to make sure your links can fit. Buffer provides several methods to shorten these links such as, and By default, is selected. You can choose to opt-out of these link shortening applications and display the entire URL if you so choose. Unfortunately, this would mean your character limit will be greatly diminished.

Using tools such as Buffer is only one way you can promote your content across social networks. Various techniques such as monitoring Tweet trends and hashtags can be nearly equally as important as your relevant material could have a better chance of being noticed. The more active you are on social media sites, the more active others will be with your content and website.

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Ken Myers

Ken Myers is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. He has combined his passion for helping families find in-home care with his experience to build a business. Learn more about him by visiting @KenneyMyers on Twitter.

This post was written by Ken Myers

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