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    Nice article Owen! I’m quite an interactive video (IV) enthusiast myself and am caught between the storytelling side & technology. Do you work with creating IVs regularly? I’d love to check them out!

    There’s a lot to be learned in terms of assembling a truly engaging non-linear video but I think that many don’t take into account the most rewarding part of an IV – the viewer metrics & feedback. The ability to understand and connect with individual viewers, instead of just a “total view” metric – is the real return here.

  • http://kingged.com/ Metz

    I love how interactive video marketing these days, they used
    emotions to make their video gone viral and extremely amazing. Just like the amazing
    Dove, but there’s many more, I just can’t name all of them.

    Owen, the article is valuable. Storytelling best works when
    creativity applied. I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the IM social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

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  • http://cashwithatrueconscience.com/rbblog Ryan Biddulph

    Owen, great piece here. Practice, practice, practice, to get your video marketing game up to snuff, and to move people emotionally through the medium. Thanks!

  • Ann07

    I guess being interactive is a requirement. Since people are in like of videos, you should make your video content engaging and interactive as well.

    In order to make your video content shareable, you should make it interactive. I agree that this is the ultimate trick of the storytelling marketing.

    As for me, you can be successful in storytelling if you will also apply your creativity. Also, I’ve read a content marketing statistic a few hours ago and it states there that contents with emotions are the most shareable one. I just wonder to suggest that thing here.

    Being interactive, creative and emotional – things to ponder so! :)


    By the way, I found this post shared on Kingged.com

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