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Internet Marketing and Web Development in Higher Education and other tidbits…

.eduGuru Expert Consulting

.eduGuru Expert Consulting

Who We Are
We are a group of independent higher education web thought leaders and experts who have come together under one of the industry’s most transparent and trusted brands to provide a diverse range of services to colleges and universities.

What We Do
We help institutions move their digital presence and online marketing strategies ahead through consulting, teaching, coaching, advising, mentoring and facilitating online initiatives.

How We Work
We can help you meet key online challenges by  matching them with industry experts who can directly address your specific needs and provide customized solutions.


Consultant Areas of Expertise
Curtiss Grymala WordPress, Web Development Connect
Fritz McDonald Creative and Content Strategy. Development for Brand, Digital, and Social Connect
Jeff Stevens WordPress, Social Media, Content Strategy, Graphic Design, Branding Connect
Kyle James Strategic Planning, Inbound Marketing, SEO, Analytics, Lead Generation Connect
Michael Fienen CMS, dotCMS Development, Analytics, Leadership Connect
Mike McCready Social Media, PPC Advertising, Analytics, Web Planning & Governance Connect


*Couldn’t find someone with the expertise you need? Care to tell us where we can improve our coverage?

*If you are someone who is interested in becoming a consultant for .eduGuru we would love to talk with you.

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