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Vine - A 6 Second Tool To Dynamic College Branding

17 Jun 2014

written by Vanessa Collister

Vine - A 6 Second Tool To Dynamic College Branding


It was only last year, in 2013, when Vine was launched. Today this popular, Twitter’s, project is one of the most downloaded app on both iPhone and Android. Vine is for the video sharing world, what Twitter is for blogging. Interestingly, Twitter is now being used by companies, celebrities, journalists, etc. They use it to make one liner comments on anything they deem controversial, funny, insightful, etc.

Vine, is slightly different when compared to Twitter in that Vine does not allow you to comment on world events or to update people about your personal adventures. Vine allows you to capture brief moments.

Not only the individuals, but also companies all over the world are actually using Vine to convey their brand messages or mission statements to their audience: clients, customers, consumers, competitors or employees. The 6 seconds videos of Vine are the best way to transmit what you want to say in less but engaging or persuasive words thereby attracting the attention of the global audience in a blink of an eye.


Vine can be highly utilized for marketing schools. Schools don’t have enough cash to buy ad spaces on television, but with Vine, schools can now make videos promoting their institution, displaying their faculties, student activates, labs and much, much more.

Since, Vine offers only six second videos, it is useless to waste your time on building a plot or explaining everything. Vine videos are a trailer for what you really want to show. They are not the entire package, if people like your video they will move to your website or connect with you for details.

There are a number of examples of colleges that have used Vine. Example, Princeton University has used Vine to show a reunion party, which shows how Princeton celebrates reunions with its alumni. Another Vine video shows University of Michigan’s beautifully designed campus, inspiring students to study at such a wonderful place. Likewise, University of Portland has a video showing the Dalai Lama himself attending an event in their campus.

These videos when tweeted are bound to inspire students to connect with each college. This deeper understanding of moments around campus get prospective students thinking about school not only as a chance to study from good educators, but, also to have an experience of a lifetime meeting wonderful people.


Being a Twitter product, Vine has an advantage over Instagram. Vine uses hashtags to get into a content conversation. After adding hashtags, you tie your Vine videos to trending topics and current events and thus you get to attract more attention from people around the globe. And, going with viral trends is the best way to get the name of your school out in the social media-sphere.

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This post was written by Vanessa Collister

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