The Top 10 Posts of 2008

2008 ImageSo this blog was started the beginning of 2008 and since then we have grown to over 600 readers and hopefully helping you actually making a difference in college websites across the country.  I absolutely love the higher education community and the environment this blog has become a hub for over the last year.  I’ll have a post out the beginning of next week look at some of the numbers but right now let’s look at the top 10 posts of 2008, traffic wise, and some extra to toss into the fray.

  1. How to use StumbleUpon for Higher Education marketing - With over a thousand more pageviews than number two this is by far the most popular post on the site in the past year.  It also probably helped that this one experienced the most success on StumbleUpon which accounted for most all those pageviews.  What’s funny is my exponential knowledge of StumbleUpon since writing and the fact I’m writing methodolgy for HubSpot about StumbleUpon and expanding upon this… go figure.
  2. The Test Results after Comparing 11 Free Web Analytic Services - This post definitely took some of the most research and digging into to produce.  It also was the spring board that began my well documented obsession with all things Google Analytics.
  3. Google Analytics 101: Some Basic Setup Tips - During a couple of day training in Google Analytics at ROI Revolution this was the first true introdution post to Google Analytics for many people.
  4. First Thoughts on Google Chrome:  It’s Not What You Think - Technical guru Michael Fienen introduced us all to Chrome in this post that here we are four months after it was published and it remains an excellent introduction to Chrome from a technical standpoint.
  5. The Presidential Election Race using Web 2.0 - yeah I know this post has nothing to do with Higher Education, but looking way back to January 30th man we have come a long way in electing Barack Obama president.  Looking way back at some of the numbers it’s quite obvious that Social Media easily picked this one correctly months ahead of time.  This election also really brought Social Media into it’s own as a very powerful brand building and campaign tool.
  6. The Use of Social Media in Higher Education for Marketing and Communications - I like to simply refer to this post as the “Reuben Awaking.” This was, now .eduGuru, Rachel Reuben’s blogging introduction to the world and still a wonderful compilation of research.
  7. Comparing the Obama and McCain Emails - Email Guru extraordinaire Karlyn Morissette gave us a timeless peak into the email campaigns of the two candidates.  Also getting this special look really helped us see what worked and what didn’t.
  8. Google Analytics Filters: Helping you Better Segment, Clean, and Understand your Data - Google Analytics is quite a mess without applying filters.  This post was definitely the favorite destination after presentations I gave on the subject of web analytics over the second half of the year.
  9. How to Monitor your Online Identity - This post still hold relevant today nine months after being written.  Well worth a first or second read.  Are you monitoring your online identity?
  10. The Right Way to Setup a WordPress blog and Why: Part 1 - One of my first posts slid in at number 10.  This was the first in a two part series, but looking back man oh man have I learned so much since then.  Part 2.

There are so many excellent posts over the last year… we almost hit 200 in our first year as this is post number 201.   Here are a few other top posts worth a second look, but that didn’t make the top 10 list.

Thanks for such a wonderful year and we hope to continue to prove awesome content!  Keep reading Guru’s and we’ll keep posting.

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