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Links of the Week Jan 18th, 2008

January 18th, 2008 by Kyle James Avatar image

Links of the WeekI’ve noticed a lot of sites give a weekly wrap-up of best posts. I’m straight pulling these out of my feed (you can subscribe or view it over on the sidebar), but I think these are excellent reads so I’m sharing them with everyone.

  • 2007 Global Website Stats – VisiStat - Interesting good reference point as you look at your analytical data
  • Online Video: 2007 Year In Review - Statistics about online video useage
  • OpenID Gaining Critical Mass, Yahoo Announces Support - Could OpenID be the answer of data portability
  • China’s Internet population tops 200 million - China could surpass U.S. in internet market in just a few months
  • Online, Children Are Our Future - interesting read about internet use of children
  • Myspace Has Lions Share of Market, But Facebook Growing - Facebook might be the darling, but MySpace still commands an unfair percentage of Social Networking activity
  • College Kingdom Educational Search Shows Desperate Need to Clean Up EDU Sites - Ouch!  I hope they aren’t talking about Wofford’s site.  Must read for any Higher Education webmaster.
  • Bye Bye Joost – Here Comes Open Source Miro - Who needs Cable or Satellite TV?  Just give me an internet connection!
  • YouTorrent: Torrent Meta Search Engine - New Torrent Search Engine… enough said.
  • 12,500 sign ‘Save XP’ petition - Interesting resistance to Vista article
  • I’m not ranking in Live Search, what can I do? - I think the title just about says it all…
  • 3 New Wordpress Security Tops I Learnt from Matt Cutts - If Matt Cutts is suggesting something we should probably at least see what he has to say.  Besides all WordPress users should want to protect their blog from getting hacked right!?

I’ve read that there are over 50 social bookmarking sites, so starting next Friday I’m going to do a weekly post studying a specific site and discuss my findings.  My Facebook ProfileFirst up is going to be Facebook (yes it counts because you can share social bookmarks on your Facebook page).  I’m starting there because I know a lot about Facebook already.  Also it’s a place that Wofford does do a little marketing through and I’ll be sharing a little of that.  If you want, feel free to friend me on Facebook.  All I ask is that you let me know that you found me through my blog, I’m a little hesitant of befriending just anyone.

 I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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      Hey Kyle, thanks for linking to ShanKri-la! I am very impressed by Miro and obviously it shows in my post. :-) Very nice links there to catch up on. Cheers!

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