eduWEB Presentation: Email Marketing for Higher Education

eduwebconference eduWEB Presentation: Email Marketing for Higher EducationNow that my presentation is through here are some goodies for anyone that missed the presentation along with some additional data.  This presentation was definitely a good learning experience for myself as it’s really the first time I’ve given a presentation in the hour long format.    It’s a tough balance not getting too technical while also keeping the marketing message in mind.  Next time I’ll know to slow down a little bit and more elaborate on some points.  If you attended I’d love to hear any feedback positive or negative.  I can’t learn from what I could do better if I don’t know.  Feel free to drop a comment or contact me directly.

I realized I didn’t hit a lot on Email Marketing for Admission, because quite frankly that’s an area I’m having some difficulty.  The following are from Karlyn’s blog and can help in that area.

  • Selecting an Email Marketing Service Provider
  • Building an admissions email marketing plan: Part 1 - The Five Commandments
  • Building an admissions email marketing plan: Part 2 - When, Why, What and Calls to Action

If your interested in viewing the presentation it was streamed, thanks Nick.  The video is almost 35 minutes long and good luck listening through the thick southern accent.  Watch the Email Marketing for Higher Education Presentation Video.  Nick also did an awesome job recording some of the other presentations which you can check out in his eduWEB 2008 Ustream ChannelBrad Ward also grabbed a few presentations eduWEB2008 Ustream Channel.  Are you confused yet?

kyle innocent eduWEB Presentation: Email Marketing for Higher Education
Don’t Shoot!  Picture by bradjward

Alka Joshi who did a great presentation this morning looking at Branding a Unversity and the challenges of consistency, asked a questions that really is a million dollar question of email marketing:

“Could you give some examples of good subject lines?”

At the time I had a hard time coming up with an answer and it really through me for a loop.  I’ve been processing it for much of the day.  The answer to something like this is always it depends.  It depends because you have to weigh so many different things like audience, purpose, keywords, time of sending, and many other things.  The only concrete advice I can give is to check out this post, Writing Killer Headlines: Top 30 Viagra SPAM Email Subject Lines, BE WARNED the titles are definitely going to offend some of you.  For some additional links about email here’s a link to my bookmarks tagged for “email”.

Finally here is the slides from the presentation.

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21 Responses to “eduWEB Presentation: Email Marketing for Higher Education”

  1. Avatar image
    Joe Gaylor Says:

    You guys have all done a tremendous job the past few days. It’s been a joy to “watch”, I am kicking myself for not reaching into my wallet, will definitely be at the next one. GREAT job!!!


    • Avatar image
      Henry Says:

      The video links do not seem to work, or I guess the videos have been taken down? The slide presentations are great. I find it sometimes highly challenging to convince businesses to invest so little into email marketing, because all they think of are those disgraceful spammy viagra headliners!


  2. Avatar image
    Andy DeSoto Says:

    Looks like it was a great presentation! I’m really looking forward to watching the streaming video when I have a chance.

    I’d really love the opportunity to present in front of an eager audience. What I’d talk about, I’m not sure, and 60 minutes sounds a bit too long for my tastes, but I can’t wait for an opportunity like this sometime down the road!

    That Viagra Spam link cracks me up. Great resource, those guys are the pros!


  3. Avatar image
    Nick Says:

    I think that the only honest advice you can give about subject lines is test them.

    Split testing is something that isn’t really practiced very well in higher ed (and I say that as someone who commits the sin as well).

    I look forward to checking out your presentation. I’ve jumped over to your blog a lot from Karlyn’s and it is enlightening. Thanks for the time you invest here.


  4. Avatar image
    Shelley Wetzel Says:

    so great to read all these comments about the eduWeb 2008 Conference! I’m thrilled so many of you got involved with “spreading the word” about it thruout the event, thru twitter, blogs, etc. Want to see all of you next year …


  5. Avatar image
    Ron Says:

    Great work. I will be there next year for sure. But excellent work with all of the updates and specifically your presentation. I’m going to share it with my office when I get back next week.


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    Joshua Says:

    It is helpful for everyone specially who are searching for the information about email marketing. Your blog contains beautiful updates with clear information.


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    Verity Says:

    I love you so much! Great place to visit!,


  8. Avatar image
    Julyan Says:

    Grant you just made yourself something to do with it,


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    kelon Says:



  10. Avatar image
    Zack Barnett Says:

    Kyle, love the post. Really helpful. Awesome that it is nearly a year old and people like me are still hitting it. Looks like Karlyn Morrissette’s links have changed, the new ones are 1) 2) 3)


  11. Avatar image
    Karlyn Morissette Says:

    Hi Zach,

    Thanks for updating the links!



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    Payal Says:

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    sampath Says:

    I just found your blog by google search and i just read it top to bottom and its good actually. Nowadays email marketing has become major advertising source, so lot of people are collecting email IDs in unethical way and sending spam. Also many of web mail servers has install spam filters so in this case there is many capabilities to go those email to spam folder so in this case can anyone tell how email email marketing is effective for online advertising business.

    I know this may general question for all.


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    Richard Says:

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    Peter Says:

    This is a great site. Liked your tips and presentations very much. Good for the business. Thanks.


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    Michael Woo Says:

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    Lee Demuro Says:

    Nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.



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