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Announcing the 2012 .eduSummit and Speaker Lineup

15 Feb 2012

written by Kyle James

Announcing the 2012 eduSummit and Speaker Lineup

We had so much fun with the 2011 .eduSummit that we decided to host another one in early April.  The summit is April 10-11.  We couldn’t be more excited about the lineup of presenters and topics!  Once again we’re breaking it up into two days with one day focusing more on the marketing aspect and the other day focusing more on the technical side.  There should be plenty of great content for everyone on both days.

So check out the list of presenters and topics below.  Chances are if you follow this blog or the higher ed web industry then you probably know most if not all of our presenters.  If you don’t, I took the liberty of linking to their own bio pages about themselves.  If you would like to read the full description or get bios on any of our awesome presenters then check out the registration page.  Also we have a 20% special discount code if you want to go ahead and sign up early.  Use the following for the discount code — 20DOTEDUGURU

Check out the Presenter Lineup & Topics and Sign Up Today!

What is the .eduSummit?

The eduSummit is a two day online webinar style conference.  We do an online conference because it provides lots of advantages including:

  • Attending a conference online means no travel hassle
  • Bring the experts live to your desktop
  • Time spent on the road is better spent instead with family, friends, or in the office
  • Sessions are developed to dive deeper into the material
  • Ask questions directly to the speakers
  • Can’t make it the day of the conference? Watch the recordings whenever you want!
eduSummit 2012 presenters 300x120 Announcing the 2012 .eduSummit and Speaker Lineup

Marketing Track Speakers - Tuesday, April 10, 2012

  • 9AM CT - Don’t Be Afraid of Community Engagement by Robin Smail
  • 10AM CT - Re-Imagine Content in Higher Education by Rick Allen
  • 11AM CT - (re)Mix010gy by Michael Fienen
  • 1PM CT - Admissions Fitness by Ashley Hennigan
  • 2PM CT - Why Content Strategy is a Myth by Karlyn Borysenko
  • 3PM CT - Lifetime Engagement Management by Fran Zablocki

Technical Track Sessions - Wednesday, April 11, 2012

  • 9AM CT - The Future Friendly Campus by Dave Molsen
  • 10AM CT - The 10 Minute WordPress Shortcode by Curtiss Grymala
  • 11AM CT - You Don’t Need IT To Do That by Kyle James
  • 1PM CT - Inside Web Video Marketing for EDU by Seth Odell
  • 2PM CT - Serve the Needs of Prospective Students by Dave Marshall
  • 3PM CT - Creating API’s for Mobile by Nick DeNardis

Check out the Presenter Lineup & Topics and Sign Up Today!

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Kyle James

Kyle is the CEO & Co-Founder at nuCloud and formerly the webmaster at Wofford College. He also spent almost 4 years at HubSpot doing a range of jobs including inbound marketing consulting, sales, management, and product management.  Kyle is an active contributor in the social media spectrum. Although his background is technical, he claims to know a thing or two about marketing, but mostly that revolves around SEO, analytics, blogging, and social media. He has spoken at multiple national conferences and done countless webinars on topics ranging from e-mail marketing to social media and Web analytics. He's definitely a fairly nice guy.

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  • Gil Rogers

    What if our team is national and I want to encourage them to log in live and we can host a G+ Hangout to discuss and share?  Will the “Meeting Room Ticket” work for us?

    • Kyle James

      @Gil - I honestly have no idea and am asking our host for the conference to reply.  My guess is it would work but you might have bandwidth issues.  I assume that the Meeting Ticket allows multiple sessions to login but got to get confirmation on that too.

    • Kyle James

      Ok Gil here is what I got back.  I hope this helps.
      Looks like there are several questions in that one question:- We have a chatroom that attendees can use to talk amongst themselves. Also, we encourage the use of the hashtag during the event, too.- Meeting room tickets are for putting as many people into one room as possible without worrying about additional costs for each individual.- If someone wants to buy 3+ more tickets, we can offer a group rate.If you have any other questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

  • Mallory Wood

    Great line up! 

  • chen guoxin

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