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Links of the Week September 26th, 2008

26 Sep 2008

written by Kyle James

Links of the Week September 26th, 2008

technorati fav Links of the Week September 26th, 2008If you haven’t read any of the Technorati: State of the Blogosphere 2008 then you really need to check it out.  What is a blog?  Which blogs matter.  Are people making money?  These are just some of the questions that they attempt to answer with lots of really interesting data and metrics related to the blogosphere.  One day of reports left to come out and lots of really interested reading especially if you care anything about blogs. If your reading this blog then you probably do.

Update: The full report has been released over multiple pages.  I went ahead and combined them all to one Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2008 (pdf).  This thing is 49 pages so be warned.

Also if you haven’t heard, I’m excited to announce that I have gone TROPICAL!  For those of you that have seen Semi-Pro maybe that makes sense?  Anyway I wrote a little post over on my personal blog about Kyle… the Tropical Storm me so head over there if you’re bored.

Funny Video of the week honors goes to the I-Rack.  This video still cracks me up when I watch.

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Kyle is the CEO & Co-Founder at nuCloud and formerly the webmaster at Wofford College. He also spent almost 4 years at HubSpot doing a range of jobs including inbound marketing consulting, sales, management, and product management.  Kyle is an active contributor in the social media spectrum. Although his background is technical, he claims to know a thing or two about marketing, but mostly that revolves around SEO, analytics, blogging, and social media. He has spoken at multiple national conferences and done countless webinars on topics ranging from e-mail marketing to social media and Web analytics. He's definitely a fairly nice guy.

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  • peter bordes

    Thanks for the helpful links and the mention/link out!

    btw also for the laugh..

  • Viral Marketing

    Hmm, never thought of that before, maybe I should have a deeper research done on that.

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