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Content is More Important than Design

Now I know that some web designers out there can’t wait to get to the comment section to “rip me a new one,” but please humor me and read through my reasoning here.  I hope you will see this is a well thought out and valid argument worth your time.  Then after reading you are [...]

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College Ads on the Boston Subway

11. May


So I was riding on the subway the other day and just so happened to have my Nikon D90 with me and was noticing all the ads for colleges.  For those of you that didn’t know, Boston is the quintessential college town.  Everyone knows about Harvard, MIT and Boston College but their are A LOT [...]

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Talkback: Successful Higher Ed Branding for the Web

Hopefully, when I mention the words “branding” and “print” in the same sentence, every web developer out there reading this cringes.  So, with that in mind, how many of you have web branding guidelines that grew from print standards?  I hope the number is very few, but I suspect that there are a lot of [...]

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Inspiring Design for Higher Ed

30. April


I ran into an interesting problem the past weekend.  While planning a new site, I realized that I was just totally tapped for good ideas for a new site design that would pop and be happy and dynamic.  By nature, I am no designer, and I readily admit that.  I am, however, good at taking [...]

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Redesign once, increment forever.

8. April


Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about web site redesigns and what a ridiculous process it can be in higher education. Even a simple site (40-100 pages) at my University takes anywhere from two months to a full year depending on how many people are involved.

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Taking the idea of a cohesive Web template in a slightly different direction

2. April


Earlier this week I wrote about reining in the outliers for a university-wide cohesive Web presence. Todd Sanders (@tsand) from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, had the gall to disagree with me (“for the first time EVER,” I’ll have you note), arguing that the art department shouldn’t look like the business department Web site. [...]

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