Our Guest Blogger Policy

We regularly get contacted by individuals who would like to post on .eduGuru and the bottom line is of course we take guest blog posts.  The guidelines to writing a post on this blog are as follows:

  • Your post must be of value to our target audience, higher education web professionals (developers and marketers)
  • Your must submit your post to one of the full time authors of the blog who will read it for relevance and possibly pass it around to the rest of the staff for validation.  Of course the easiest way to do that is to simply contact us.

It really is that simple.  We don’t want to make it complicated for you or for us.

Writing guest blog posts make sense to both parties for many reasons but here are the two most obvious:

  • Extra exposure and an inbound link to your site and social media profiles.
  • Free content for us that we don’t have to come up with.

Guest Post Framework Outline

Your post should start out with an introduction with who you are and what you do including any links to your properties across the web.  (after all this introduction is probably the main reason you took the time to write a guest post for us anyway right?)

The body of your post including any links as part of your article and images to include.

You can submit the article to us either as HTML, a word document, or many other formats.  We really aren’t picky about this as long as we can figure out how to take this and paste it into our editor.

Example Guest Posts

You can check out our Guest Post Category to see examples of previous guest posts on this blog.