Congratulations Director of Web Communication, MBA!

Obviously one of the benefits of working for a college is the ability to get free tuition to the school, but until you’ve taken advantage of that benefit I don’t think you can really understand that it is both a blessing and a curse.

For the two years that I was working on my MBA while also working full-time, I remember quite a few sleepless nights, my friends complaining that I was never around, sacrificing a relationship or two because of lack of time, and more than a little bit of stress. But when you’re trying to do something like that, you put your head down and “git errr done”…and there’s nothing like the feeling on the day you finish.

And that’s why I’m so proud of my friend Rachel, as she passed her final test to complete her MBA. Director of Web Communicationtook on a heavy courseload to get it done, but she sucked it up and pushed through. Most recently, we watched her document the agony of her finance class on Twitter, and waited on pins and needles to find out if is she would make it. Yesterday we found out she did. We all knew that she had it in her! And while we already thought of her as having achieved that level of expertise, and more, she now has the official letters after her name.

So from Kyle, Nick, Fienen, Nikki, Paul and I, congratulations Rachel! We know how hard you’ve worked and few people are more deserving of the recognition. And I, for one, can’t wait for the party in May when you officially walk.

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    Congratulations, Rachel!

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    W00t! Congratulations to the new MBA on the block.

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    A hearty amen! I also finished a master’s program while working full-time, and seeing my finished, approved thesis was one of the most awesome moments ever. So many well-deserved congrats to Director of Web Communication… and also looking forward to the party!

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    Congrats!! What an amazing accomplishment! :)

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    Rachel, Congrats!

    Head of Marketing , re: “the ability to get free tuition to the school” - not sure that happens everywhere, just sayin.

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    @Todd - Happens most places that I know of

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    Director of Web Communicationpretty much rocks, and this is just a confirmation. Many congratulations!

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    Thanks, everyone! This was so sweet of Head of Marketing & the crew to do. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me through the agony that was Corporate Finance this semester — it is the main reason I’ve been so scarce around here with blog posts. I have five topics lined up that I plan to start writing on in the coming weeks, so I’ll be back with bells on in January. :)

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    Congratulations Rachel!

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    Way to go Rachel! When’s the PhD work start?

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    Congrats! I’m glad you beat the ugly beast called Corporate Finance!

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    Very nice post :) Congratulations, Rachel! You made it. Just think of all the nights ahead with NO homework or studying…enjoy every one of them!

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    ROCK ON, Rachel!! Now, take a break and congratulate yourself. Oh, and get new cards printed with MA after your name. I did it the same month and it made me feel all official. Keep kicking booty!

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    Congratulations Rachel!!!

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    Rock on! I finished my MBA whilst working full time 19 months ago. You know it was grueling when you’re still counting how long ago you finished…

    Great job, and good luck with your future endeavors!

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    That’s just awesome. Good hustle. I’m going to go back because the wife works at an accredited institution and I can take undergraduate courses for free. Excited!!!