Come Give Rachel a Birthday Present!

Come Give Rachel a Birthday Present!

Today is Rachel Reuben’s birthday! It’s the big 25! icon razz Come Give Rachel a Birthday Present! After the fun success of the rest of the team turning my birthday a few months back into a marketing campaign I feel not so shameless to give this another try. So for Rachel’s Birthday this year she REALLY wants you to vote for .eduGuru to win the CollegeWebEditor best higher ed blog award at the eduStyle awards!

I can’t think of a better present, but I need your help to do this!  The competition is TOUGH and fellow guru writer and also competitor Karlyn Morissette has already given her blessing to not vote for her wonderful blog so what better reason than to help celebrate Rachel’s Birthday than with an award?

Finally if you aren’t following Rachel on Twitter already, and let’s be honest who isn’t, jump over to her favorite social channel to give her a follow and a quick tweet telling her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

So just in case you didn’t see the link above:

Vote for .eduGuru for Best Higher Ed Blog Award

Photo Credit: Birthday Cake Candles by Jessica N. Diamond

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3 Responses to “Come Give Rachel a Birthday Present!”

  1. Avatar image
    Karlyn Says:

    To be clear, I only want people to NOT vote for my blog if they are going to vote for .eduGuru instead :-)

  2. Avatar image
    Rachel Reuben Says:

    You guys are the best. I’m honored to work with you on this site, and am so fortunate to have you all as great friends too. 25, though? Ha! :) Thanks to everyone for your wishes and for voting for us!

  3. Avatar image
    wilhb81 Says:

    Happy belated Birthday, Rachel. By the way, I’ve just voted for you here and I hoped you’ll be the winner of this contest! :)