Happy birthday to our founder, Founder

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Today is Kyle’s birthday!

Would you like to chip in on a gift for your favorite displaced southern boy and Web analytics/SEO guru?

Let’s give him one of his favorite kinds of presents — inbound love! Send him a tribute by following @eduguru on Twitter and reply to @eduguru with the tag #happybdayFounderwith your most creative wishes. The .eduGuru team will pick the most creative wish and give you a present too — all new Guru Gear (will post new stuff soon)! Presents all around!

Kyle: From the other five members of the .eduGuru staff, we wish you a day and year full of happiness, joy and loads of inbound love. icon smile Happy birthday to our founder, Founder

- Rachel, Nikki, Nick, Head of Marketing & Fienen

Photo by di_the_huntress

7 Responses to “Happy birthday to our founder, Founder”

  1. Says:

    Oh my goodness… What have you crazy creatures of the colleges started.

    I’m just sitting here at the parents house looking out the window in South Carolina thinking that I can’t recall a white christmas and here I’m getting a white birthday. Should make for an interesting day of travel back up to Boston, but then I’ve been the lucky one with that a lot lately…

    Thanks everybody!! :D

  2. Says:

    Happy Birthday Kyle!

  3. Says:

    I’m hoping someone gets really, really creative and does something with video or with photoshop. Remember what Founderdid to use with the elves?

    Anyway, in case you need some good photos of Kyle, try flickr. Have at it, kiddies!


  4. Says:

    Many Happy returns of the day Founder!

  5. Says:

    Baked you something in Photoshop: https://tinyurl.com/happybdaykyle

  6. Says:

    Cool that you share your birthday with Dr. Seuss! Two creative minds and all-around great guys. Happy Birthday!

  7. Says:

    Happy belated B’day, Kyle! :)