Happy Halloween from the Gurus

Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful Halloween!  Last year we gave you a few Halloween comics so this year we thought we would once again offer a little humor.  After all you don’t want to be totally spooked today, right?

Dr. Nikki & Nurse MK

drnikki 300x270 Happy Halloween from the Gurus

Nikki Massaro Kauffman might not quite have the split personality of the original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but on this day you should still watch out.

Ricky Bobby James

ricky bobby Happy Halloween from the Gurus

Kyle “Ricky Bobby” James might not go as fast as the original… but you can bet if you don’t chew Big Red you will still get the same advice.


We are sorry you were ALL wrong.  Karlyn’s last name is NOT Morissette.  The truth will free you.

Fienster the Clown

fienster the clown 300x225 Happy Halloween from the Gurus

Michael Fienen is “scary” on target and never afraid to be a fiend when telling the truth.

The Web Rock Star

gothic nick Happy Halloween from the Gurus

Yes Nick DeNardis does tell us all how we can be “web rock stars” on EDU Checkup, but seriously you didn’t know he was a true closet Web God of Rock?!

Other Halloween Costumes

  • Our friend Andrew Careaga appears to be having a whale of a time in his failure.
  • Maybe you know Joe Gaylor?  Well here is Todd Sanders being Joe!

Got a picture to share?  Leave a comment or send us a list and we’ll add it to the post!

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One Response to “Happy Halloween from the Gurus”

  1. Avatar image
    Andrew Careaga Says:

    Nice to see you guys in the Halloween spirit. :)

    P.S. - KarlynV could also pass for Epic Fail Guy.


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