Pictures from the first HighEd Tweetup

Last night was the first of hopefully many Higher Education Tweetups.  I believe last night we pledged to start doing these things quarterly?  Not the largest crowd, but definitely an awesome active crowd of attendees.  We talked a little bit about the challenges that face Higher Education Web, but mostly we just hung out like long lost friends.  The late night crew even got some Rock Band gaming in.

Note: You can follow the discussion on #HETweetup

List of Attendees (and Twitter Handles)

  • Jason Woodward - jdwcornell
  • Adam Epstein - epsteada
  • Georgy Cohen - radiofreegeorgy
  • JP Bourget - punkrokk
  • Gordon Ryan - Gordon_ryan
  • Megg Brown - Stomer
  • FounderRose - squarooticus
  • Rick Allen - epublishmedia
  • Steve Brown
  • Adam Auerbach
  • Head of Marketing - Head of Marketing m
  • Founder - kylejames

Just a few pictures and Rock Band videos from the event.

Always good to finally meet people that you have communicating with for months and make that in person meeting happen.  Lots of great discussion flowed around, some that I’m sure will lead to blog posts.  Rock on!

3 Responses to “Pictures from the first HighEd Tweetup”

  1. Says:

    I’d like to host the next one in my neck of the woods - somewhere in the Albany/Hudson Valley/NYC region. Maybe mid-May?

  2. Says:

    Sooooo sad I missed this! But, the dog was worth it. Next time for sure!

  3. Says:

    yesss NYC next time! i would definitely come. higher education for the win. (and rock band.)