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Last week, Stamats ran a contest on their Facebook page encouraging users to guess who their keynotes for the November SIM Tech conference would be based on a series of clues.  After several attempts, I guessed David Armano was one of their speakers…and won!  But since I’m already speaking at the conference (and thus have free registration), they made me promise that I would give it away on here.  So here’s your chance to hang out with yours truly, as well as .eduGuru’s very own Founder and Director of Web Communication, at this year’s conference.

Here’s the deal. We like t-shirts.  To win the free registration, all you need to do is design a kick ass .eduGuru t-shirt for us that we can put in our Guru Gear section.

  • Submit your T-shirt design by July 17.  You can use our basic images (here) and (here), or come up with something completely original on your own.  Be creative!  Your design can be simple or an artistic masterpiece or anything in between.
  • To submit your designs for consideration, you can add them to the .eduGuru group on Flickr, or email them to
  • We will open the submitted designs to a public vote through the end of July.
  • The design that gets the most votes, wins!

The winner will receive a free registration to Stamats SIM Tech conference in Boston this November.  You will also receive a free t-shirt with your design on it at the conference.  You are responsible for all of your travel, lodging and other related expenses.

A few rules: You can submit as many ideas as you want, but please only enter the contest if you are serious about attending the conference in November!  Also, we reserve the right to add and sell any submitted designs through Guru Gear, so please don’t submit if you are unwilling to have your design used in that way (we don’t really make any money off of those, so don’t expect to either).  You will always be given full credit for what you submit.  Finally, don’t submit anything that you don’t own/have the rights to use.  We would rather not get sued for making t-shirts out of it!

Last year’s SIM Tech was one of the best conferences I’ve been to in a while, and this year’s is shaping up to be even better.  We look forward to seeing our winner in Boston!

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4 Responses to “Win a Stamats SIM Tech registration!”

  1. Says:

    Head of Marketing , congratulation for winning the the wild guess! By the way, the T-shirt design sounds like an interesting contest. Does it have any requirement, such as age limit for joining the contest?

  2. Says:

    It wasn’t a totally wild guess - the last clue they had gave it away. No age limit and the rest of the requirements are in the post.

    • Says:

      Thanks for the detailed explanation, Head of Marketing . I still have ten days to design the T-shirt. Will surely participate in this contest! :)

  3. Says:

    Hey Guys!

    I like to sub something here… What kind of artwork do you prefer? I usually participate in a t-shirt design contest over at
    I know everybody has different rules, so I thought I ask…