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Stamats Integrated Marketing Technology Conference Giveaway

It’s Vegas, baby! The Stamats Integrated Marketing: Technology Conference will be held October 20-22 in Las Vegas, NV. Some of you folks may already be registered, but for those who haven’t - we’ve got a free giveaway that covers the $499 registration fee!

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Reflections on Stamats SIM Tech

I’m going to spend the next few days at the American Marketing Associations Symposium on the Marketing of Higher Education, live blogging when I can, but first I wanted to post an update from SIM Tech.

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Win a Stamats SIM Tech registration!

Last week, Stamats ran a contest on their Facebook page encouraging users to guess who their keynotes for the November SIM Tech conference would be based on a series of clues.  After several attempts, I guessed David Armano was one of their speakers…and won!  But since I’m already speaking at the conference (and thus have free [...]

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