T-Shirt Contest Extended! Win a SIMTech registration.

By Karlyn Morissette - Wed, Jul 29, 2009-->


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We have decided to extend our .eduGuru t-shirt design contest deadline to Friday, August 7! This is your chance to win a free registration to the Stamats SIM Tech conference in November in Boston, where Kyle James, Rachel Reuben and myself will all be speaking.  Last year’s conference was a blast, and this one is shaping up to be even better.

We’ve gotten some great entries for this contest so far, but want some more.  Don’t be discouraged from entering if you’ve never designed a t-shirt before!  Head over to Zazzle and  just start playing around.  It’s fun!  Kyle and I have literally wasted days on this site, and (as you can tell by our current selection of t-shirts), neither of us is a designer.  Your shirt can just be a tagline, an image or have both.  Get creative, be clever, and win yourself a free conference registration!

So kill some time at work.  Head over to our original post on the contest for the rules and for some graphics you can use in your design.  Leave us a comment with any questions!

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