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Security in October: Google Wave, Facebook, XSS

Friday, October 30,


Further support of what I mentioned in my presentation In my Cross-site scripting presentation at #heweb09, I mentioned that a North Carolina State University report from Septembershowed that users clicked the “ok” button on message alerts 61% of the time, regardless of whether the message alert was legitimate or not.  From that I [...]

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New Utility Allows You to Control Facebook Accounts Without the Password

Wednesday, October 21,


FBConTroller v2.0 was released late yesterday.  As the author clearly states, FBController does not, nor can it, hack into a Facebook account.  What it CAN do though is to control a Facebook account (write on one’s own wall, others wall, retrieve profile page, retrieve friends list and even attempts to retrieve inbox and send messages) [...]

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