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Social Media Policy Resource Guide for Higher Ed

When developing a social media policy, it is important to remember the nature of “social media” as a web platform. By creating an official presence for your college or university on a social media platform, you are immediately opening a dialogue with your audience. With every post you make, you’re engaging in a conversation that [...]

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5 Tips for Running a Productive Social Media Meeting

Summer is almost upon the higher education world. You know what that means for enrollment and marketing offices - planning committees, mailing calendar adjustments, strategy meetings, year-end recaps.

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Do we really need a social media strategy?

If you’re having a hard time convincing your administration that social media is worth the investment, try coming at it from a different angle — and I’m not suggesting writing the “social media strategy” we’ve all been hearing about lately. My theory? Piggy back on existing strategies at your university.

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