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Bonus Social Media Story: Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine!

Friday, April 24,


If you were not part of #hewebcornell (HighEdWeb Regional Conference at Cornell), you may have missed some good conversations around social media, including the .eduGuru crew’s own social media stories.  But you didn’t have to miss it.  The power of social media is that people from anywhere could have been following along.

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A Friendly Reminder: Social Media Is Social

Friday, April 17,


I have made that point before and I’ll make it here again. If you are out there trying to build your social network, don’t engage in behaviors that have the opposite effect.  But we all know examples from the worst horror stories of downright nastiness to irksome comments that at best make a poor first [...]

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Register for “Recruiting on a budget 101: Master plan to win the social media jackpot with prospective students”

Monday, January 12,


Saving Big: Winning strategies to get better results even with a crunched budget: February 4 & 5,

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Creating an exclusive online community for fallaccepted students

Friday, December 19,


A couple of weeks ago I argued reasons why it might be more effective to piggyback on existing strategies that exist at your institution rather than create a stand alone social media strategy. In this post I alluded to considering your Facebook Fan Page like a Cafe, which was inspired by Chris Brogan’s post entitled, “Cafe-Shaped [...]

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