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The Virtues of Delegation

Two weeks ago, I felt compelled to write about the black hole of academic overthink that is my calendar.  Over the years, and even as recently as in the post itself, I have sought advice on how to manage my calendar better.

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Calendar Clutter & Meeting Madness

It seems I’ve fallen off the radar this month and so have some of my colleagues.  Are we dodging the new Facebook?  Nope.  Now that mainstream media has let all our former classmates, family and coworkers know about Twitter, are we ducking our newest followers? Nope.

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Book Review: The 12 Elements of Great Managing

I am definitely a people watcher and want to understand people better. What people like, how they think, and why they do what they do all fascinate me. I have an extremely eclectic music collection and listen to a little bit of everything because I want to understand why people like what they do. I [...]

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