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Links of the Week October 24th

Did you miss me?  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a Links of the Week…  I’ve been busy.  Honestly I’m finding it harder and harder to identify unique and outstanding mind stimulating reading material.  Maybe that’s because I’ve been reading so much especially over the last ten months?  Maybe it’s because I’m not [...]

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Quick Observations About Browser Resolution Design

The other day I was going through eduStyle.net looking for site ideas and one thing that instantly stood out and annoyed me was sites that are left aligned.  I realize this is a personal opinion and I totally respect other individuals who believe in a left aligned site, but I am still going to present [...]

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Introducing Blog High Ed: Aggregating the Best of Higher Ed Blogs

Matt Herzberger and Brad Ward are the creators of a nice new website called Blog High Ed.

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