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Four Types of Web Analytic Data

So did you know that there are different ways that analytical data about your website is collected?  Of course you did you just might not have really thought about it before.  I mean who stays up thinking about this sort of stuff besides Shelby Thayer, myself and a few other people that I will leave [...]

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Using Redirectors for Offline Campaigns

So in a recent post I discussed Landing Pages and I mentioned offline campaigns and the importance of tracking these campaigns.  So now that we have that knowledge and I’ve also discussed using 301 redirects on your web server to send an individual from one page directly to another we can pull these two pieces [...]

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Is Google Analytics Installed Properly?

As I’ve written about Google Analytics quite a bit on this blog it’s probably quite obvious that I think very highly of this free service.  Making sure that you have the code installed on your site properly is a very important initial step.  The problem is that once you have it installed the only way [...]

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