Higher Education Resources

This page is some of the better Higher Education websites.

  • BlogHighEd - an aggregate of a little over twenty of the top Higher Education blogs on the net including this one.  Great resource.
  • University Web Developer - This social network build on the ning framework is a group of hundreds of active web developers, marketers, and designers in higher education.  Very active community with great forums and discussion boards.
  • eduStyles - This is an awesome site! Want to look at other college websites, this is your place. See what lots of other college websites look like and know about the redesigns. Oh and you can rate sites!
  • HighEdWeb - This Association is for Higher Education Web Professionals. They have an email discussion list that you can subscribe to and host an annual conference.
  • Campus Technology - I did get quoted in an article summerso I’ve been reading since then. Not a whole lot of cutting edge innovative stuff, but you do run across a gem from time to time.
  • University Business - I know that this is a big leader in Higher Education, but I have a hard time taking web marketing advice from a firm that really doesn’t have that great of a website and doesn’t even offer RSS feeds. I’m really including them on this list for completion sake and to I guess NOT RECOMMEND them.


  • HighEdWeb Conference - This is a long running annual conference, well long running for web years. It was first held in 1996.
  • eduWEB Conference - The other big boy on the Higher Education Web circuit.