Technology News Sources

Tech News Sources

This is a collection of Tech News blogs and news sites that I follow.

  • Wired - Wired is a wonderful tech magazine that also presents lots of scientific information and they do it all in a hip and fun format. Wired Top Stories RSS feed.
  • Techcrunch - Techcrunch is a blog styled tech news service. They have a HUGE following with hundreds of thousands of readers. Great articles. I guarantee you will find at least one good read in their feed a day.
  • ReadWriteWeb - Very similar to Techcrunch in both quality of content and number of posts. Not as big, but still great thought provoking content.
  • Mashable - The self proclaimed “Social Networking News” service. Social Marketing is such a hot subject right now and Mashable does an excellent job of keeping you updated about Social Networking and Social Bookmarking.
  • Engadget - If you love tech toys then this is the blog to track. All the good info on all the latest gadgets and toys.
  • InfoWorld - A good source for getting official tech news.
  • InformationWeek - This is a great source for Tech News. If your a Tech professional you can also get their weekly magazine free. I highly recommend signing up!
  • eWEEK- eWEEK is very similar to InformationWeek as they both have solid websites and both have free magazines that you can signup for. Personally I like InformationWeek better so I don’t plan on renewing my subscription here, but hey it’s free so why not try it out?
  • Lifehack - This blog is there for you to provide tips, tricks, and hacks to make your life more productive and organized. Who doesn’t have this problem?