Web Traffic Rankings

These links are to sources that monitor the pulse of the internet. These resources will tell you web ranking and analytic data for any site that you would like. Basic data is provided free. Some of the sites provided more advanced data for a fee.

* I’ve ordered them in the order that I feel represents the value of each.

Web Traffic trackings

  1. Alexa - Alexa is the leader in world Internet traffic tracking. This is the granddaddy of web traffic tracking. Because of this there are lots of services and ways to “game” the system. The results shouldn’t be completely believable, in my opinion, but it is definitely a great place to start and a good rule of thumb for a quick and dirty comparison.
  2. Compete - Compete’s site analytics is definitely the best looking on the web and is a solid up and coming brand.
  3. Quantcast - This is a great resource for gathering analytical data about a site. What makes it unique is the demographic data that it pulls. I have no idea how accurate this information is, but it is really cool.
  4. Ranking - Ranking is another authority site that ranks websites. Although this ranking doesn’t carry the weight of Alexa or even Compete it is another web standard to know about.
  5. Technorati - This service only tracks blogs. Technorati doesn’t give a lot of information, but they do provide a Authority account of blogs and Blog Rank.