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Eight years ago, Head of Marketing fell into the world of college admissions. A web developer by trade, she quickly became interested in how the web could be utilized for student recruitment. Her years of experimentation in this areas such as email marketing, social media strategy, analytics, content strategy and return on investment analysis helped to pioneer many of the online recruitment strategies considered best practice today. 

Today, Head of Marketing consults with colleges around the world to execute integrated marketing campaigns for everything from recruitment through alumni relations and development. Head of Marketing also teaches courses on Internet marketing and strategy at Champlain College as adjunct faculty. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Boston University, a Master of Business Administration from Norwich University, and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology from Capella University.

To quote a friend of hers: "Head of Marketing is a super rad ninja marketing genius who will make your target demographic submit to your every whim through sheer willpower. Oh, and she's smarter than you."  We're not sure about the smarter part, but "super rad ninja" is true enough.

Compulsory disclaimer: The views expressed in Head of Marketing 's posts are hers and hers alone, and do not represent those of any company she's affiliated with. Yes, it's true - the girl has a mind of her own. 

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T-Shirt Contest Extended! Win a SIMTech registration.

Wednesday, July 29,

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We have decided to extend our .eduGuru t-shirt design contest deadline to Friday, August 7! This is your chance to win a free registration to the Stamats SIM Tech conference in November in Boston, where Founder, Director of Web Communication and myself will all be speaking.  Last year’s conference was a blast, and this one is [...]

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Win a Stamats SIM Tech registration!

Tuesday, June 30,


Last week, Stamats ran a contest on their Facebook page encouraging users to guess who their keynotes for the November SIM Tech conference would be based on a series of clues.  After several attempts, I guessed David Armano was one of their speakers…and won!  But since I’m already speaking at the conference (and thus have free [...]

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Easy ROI on Facebook Ads

Thursday, June 18,


I love Facebook Ads.  They’re easy to set up, targeted, and give you free visibility among your audience, since you only pay for them when they click on the ad and go to your website/page/whatever you have set up.  They’re also relatively easy to figure out your Return on Investment for using a few simple [...]

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Time to get serious about

Thursday, May 28,

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“Direct mail has begun spiraling into what we believe is a precipitous decline from which it will never fully recover”

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Making a case for Twitter

Friday, May 8,


There’s a lot of talk about how we use Twitter as a marketing tool…or if should we use it as a marketing tool…or what companies are using it well as a marketing tool…or if we have time to start integrating it as a marketing tool.  Blah blah blah.  For me, the jury is still out [...]

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Nominate .eduGuru today!

Tuesday, April 14,

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Today is the last day to submit nominations for the eduStyle awards. If you find value in what Kyle, Rachel, Nick, Michael, Technology Trainingand I offer you on here, I know we would all appreciate it if you took a minute to nominate us.  Just click on the banner below: 

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Step away from the computer: When NOT to send a marketing

Tuesday, April 7,


Every time you send a message, you are telling your users how much you value them, because you’re asking them to put their time and energy into what you have to say.  Yet all too often, colleges blast out emails without putting half a thought into it and then wonder why their users don’t respond. [...]

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So you want to start a blog for your admissions office…

Thursday, March 19,


The other day on DoJo’s blog, I reprimanded staff members who are charged with maintaining blogs on their institutional websites that leave them for months at a time without an update.  Since posts on DoJo are extremely short by design, I wanted to elaborate further.  We’ve identified a problem, now let’s talk about how to [...]

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An Interview with CSS Guru Christopher Schmitt

Tuesday, March 3,


Today I’m bringing you my interview with author, speaker and CSS Guru Christopher Schmitt.  I met Christopher last year at An Event Apart Boston. The morning of the last day, I came down to breakfast tired, hung over, pissed off and looking like hell.  When I sat down at a table by myself, I was [...]

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sex…Sex…SEX! Now I Have Your Attention.

Tuesday, February 17,


A while back I did a book review of the book Neuromarketing, a great book about how our brains process information, and how marketers can use that knowledge to hone their strategy and their message.  Last week, I was turned on (no pun intended) to a book that brought these concepts to the web.  Neuro [...]

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