[Results] Web Services Department Structure Survey

Monday, September 13,


This post was written by Matt Herzberger. Matt is the Director of Web Communications at Florida International University and co-founder of https://BlogHighEd.org/

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[Survey] Web Services Department Structure

Tuesday, August 24,


It’s that time of year again. This survey was suggested by Matt Herzberger, Director of Web Communications at Florida International University with input from Head of Marketing , Director of Web Marketing, Founder, Chas Grundy from Notre Dame, Dave Olsen from West Virginia, and myself.

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The Content Editor’s Missing Manual

Thursday, June 17,


A few months ago I wrote about how to train content contributors, this article is a little different. It’s meant to be a resource you can point anyone publishing content to the web. The goal is to explain why the web acts different than Word, a general outline of creating semantic documents and how to [...]

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Book Review: Delivering Happiness

Monday, June 7,


A few weeks ago Tony Hsieh gave bloggers the opportunity to get an advance copy of his newest book, Delivering Happiness - A path to profits, passion, and purpose in exchange for a review and the ability to give away a free copy of the book. I have been a big fan of Tony and Zappos of [...]

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Spring Cleaning: Finding your lost sock. The guide to content audits.

Tuesday, May 4,


So how long has it been since you did a Web content audit on your institution’s homepage? A year? Two? Never? I’m not talking about just surfing from page to page making sure everything checks out but a real content inventory of every page and inspection of the content quality.

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QA on Higher Education Web sites. How to do it and what to look for.

Wednesday, March 24,


Running a web office I see a lot of sites, quality assurance is part of every minute of my day. Everything I see goes through the same quality checks otherwise we don’t launch it. Tools and people will come and go, quality on the other hand is the one thing in a web office that [...]

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Best practices for training content contributors

Tuesday, January 26,


The driving force of any web site is the content contributors, the people who know every detail of their department and hold the key to student success. These are the people you want publishing web content. What they have is value, the closer you can get them to the content creation process the better.

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Where is the fold? Google browser size vs. actual heatmap

Thursday, December 17,


Google released a tool yesterday called Google Browser Size in effort to show how users with various screen sizes see your site. They also wrote up a blog post about it.

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[Results] State of the University Web Department survey

Monday, November 23,


253 Total Responses First and foremost I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to fill out the survey. The feedback from this has been amazing and I know everyone has been anticipating the results. These results will help others shape and make informed decisions about their web environment. I have a feeling most [...]

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When advertising on Hulu (pre-roll ads) goes wrong

Thursday, November 5,


Advertising your institution on a number of sites via text, banner, or even pre-roll videos ads has become ever more popular as the shift from print to digital takes hold. There is one downside to this change though, loss of context control.

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