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Associate Directoris the Associate Director of Web Communications at Wayne State University by day. By night he hosts the video blog EDU Checkup where he reviews higher education web sites live. Associate Directoris an active member of the higher education web community and is an officer of Refresh Detroit, a group of web professionals whose goal is to promote web standards, usability, and accessibility.

Web Development: Progressive Enhancement - Part 1

Wednesday, March 18,


I am starting a series of posts as an extension to my talk a few weeks ago on Web Standards and Accessibility. These posts will be dedicated to explaining how to make a habit of progressive enhancement instead of falling back on graceful degradation. It will also give you the tools to pass this on [...]

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Accessible Twitter

Monday, February 16,


I wanted to bring attention to one of my passions, accessibility, and a project which aligns right to it.

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Web Development Tools. What’s in your web toolbelt?

Tuesday, January 13,


Regardless the programming language the ultimate goal is to spit out as clean, standard and accessible code as possible. I come from a programming background and love all the hard core optimization and am always looking for the best framework. But it doesn’t mean anything if what the browser and user see is sub optimal.

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Imposter Twitter Accounts could be Making Money off your University

Sunday, December 7,


If your university has not snagged up its name on your time is running out. We have heard of twitter squatters in the past but now they are getting a little more savvy and using common university names to tweet news about your university.

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Tracking outgoing clicks with Google Analytics

Friday, December 5,


I wanted my first post as a .eduGuru to be something spectacular, unfortunately all the ideas I had were taking too long to write, so here is something short and sweet.

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Tracking Flash Interaction with Google Analytics

Friday, November 21,


The following is a guest post by Associate Director, Associate Director of Web Communications at Wayne State University.  Associate Directorwrites on the Universities Web Communications Blog and is the mastermind behind EDU Checkup video blog which strives to “turn Web Workers into Web Rockstars”!  Besides connecting on his personal blog, you can also connect with [...]

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