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Why Social Media Belong in the Classroom, Part II

21. April

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Back when I was a high school English teacher in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I wanted teaching English to be fun like my high school art classes. Art class wasn’t about sitting in rows and listening; it was about listening to the radio, getting out of our seats and making something.

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Why Social Media Belong in the Classroom

16. April


Students in New York served detention for remarks they made about a teacher on a Facebook group, three teens in Massachusetts were charged with identity theft for creating a fake Facebook page in a classmate’s name, and a professor in Pennsylvania was suspended over her Facebook posts.  Even when social media is not in the [...]

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Can Video Chats be Useful in Recruitment?

12. April


April is an incredibly important month for Admission Offices around the country. There’s accepted student open houses, email campaigns, school swag to be mailed, and events across the country to convince top high school students that they should deposit to your school by May 1. What’s the point of all these increased marketing efforts? Sure, [...]

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CO to State Facebook Users: “Shut. Down. EVERYTHING.”

8. April


Wednesday we received information that was both surprising and almost unbelievable from a friend and reader of ours over in Colorado. After some digging and communication with other contacts we have confirmed with other schools and the CO State Controller that it appears that the state of Colorado has advised state agencies, including higher ed, [...]

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University Twitter Accounts: Spring Cleaning

1. April


For some of us, Twitter management may be a luxury (or a curse) that we aren’t  able to allot much time to. A necessary tactic for most, we may have students to do this or may be on a weekly schedule of checking ritualistically every few days. But, for those who are lucky enough to [...]

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Negative Facebook Comments: @#$% Me

25. March


I knew smooth sailing couldn’t last forever. Someday, that dreaded negative comment would rear its ugly head on  our university Facebook page. I just didn’t know it would be so harassing, misplaced and something that would give me an instant panic attack.

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Class ofWeb Communities: What Would a Chaperone Do?

19. March


If you’re in Admissions, you’re probably either running or paying attention to Class ofweb communities, whether on Facebook, Ning, or a private community run by your college/university. A big question that tends to come up from administrators is, “How involved should I be in the group?” Well, just think of yourself as a [...]

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Digital Tattoos? Who Gives a Shit?

16. March


I cursed on the Internet.  My professional career is over.  Let this be a lesson to all those little snots on social media that “everything you say and do on the Interwebs can be used against you in the nebulous future”.

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Is Social Media A Fad? Social Media Revolution Video

10. March


The questions around what exactly social media is and its long term impact aren’t exactly new.  Personally I’m a data junkie and I feel data always helps make very compelling arguments.  What we have here is a great data driven case around what is really happening with social media and the impacts on everything that [...]

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Why Do I Tweet? I Do It for You

9. March


A good friend of mine, @jeffswain, over at the five-4-six blog, posed a really tough question and I’ve been asking myself ever since:

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