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Website Optimization: The Why and How (Part I)

15. June


When I talk about web optimization I’m specifically talking about all the technical things that you can do to speed up the load time of your web pages.  Let’s be honest, there are A LOT of things that you can do to improve this as we will cover over this two part article.  The first [...]

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CMS Accessibility Compliance Worksheet

14. June

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This weekend, we had a question come in via Ask the Gurus wondering if we knew of any resources that rank content management systems according to their level of compliance to 508 accessibility standards. Accessibility being the great rainbow unicorn that it is, I was not aware of any list that had been put together [...]

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Best of the Mobile Higher Ed Web

One by one, colleges and universities are taking the next step in web development and moving towards addressing mobile needs. The mobile based web has already begun its move to create another technological generation. In this way, the Internet (as a proper noun), has truly become a force of nature. Its ubiquitous nature is an [...]

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How Victor Valley College is Using OmniUpdate’s OU Campus

10. May

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When we started using OU Campus in October of 2006, we signed up for the 25-user license package, and opted for the SaaS (software-as-a-service) model or ‘hosted‘ plan, where OmniUpdate handles the hosting and delivery of the service to us, and all CMS users access the system solely through a web browser . At that [...]

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How Edinboro University is Using dotCMS

At Edinboro University we use a content management system called dotCMS.  dotCMS is an Enterprise-level, open source CMS and is based on Java.  dotCMS also integrates with many well-known open source technologies such as:

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How Le Moyne College is Using DotNetNuke

13. April

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In the beginning, Le Moyne College’s main website was powered by a set of static web pages with a small dose of custom-written ASP to serve as our first entry into content management.  As typically happens on campuses everywhere, as Le Moyne began a branding revision in 2008, one common theme that was echoed across [...]

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How Duke University is Using Drupal

6. April


Lately, I have heard Drupal referred to as a “framework” in addition to a content management system. After building several Drupal sites, I would have to agree. A core Drupal installation gives you very little to start with. However, with the help of widely-used contributed modules, you can build anything from a personal blog, up [...]

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QA on Higher Education Web sites. How to do it and what to look for.

24. March


Running a web office I see a lot of sites, quality assurance is part of every minute of my day. Everything I see goes through the same quality checks otherwise we don’t launch it. Tools and people will come and go, quality on the other hand is the one thing in a web office that [...]

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[Guru Survey] Higher Ed CMS Usage

2. March


If there is one question that serves as the elephant in the room for higher education web development, it’s: “What CMS should I use?” The question is common, but not at all simple, and research data is not easy to come by. We would like to provide some helpful information in this area, and have [...]

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IMHO 7 Reasons Why Higher Ed Is the Best Gig in All the Web

28. January


Okay, I simply couldn’t resist tossing out a counterpoint here. This topic was started by Mark Greenfield (who was following up on a Steve Krug presentation) and continued here recently by my colleague Nikki. The reason that I want to run this from the other side is twofold: one, sometimes we just need a boost.  [...]

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