[Guru Survey] Higher Ed CMS Usage

If there is one question that serves as the elephant in the room for higher education web development, it’s: “What CMS should I use?” The question is common, but not at all simple, and research data is not easy to come by. We would like to provide some helpful information in this area, and have began work on a series of articles that will feature different schools and the CMSs that they use. While there is no right answer to the question, we want to help you make educated decisions.

The first step we wanted to take is to get a snapshot of just what was being used. We’re asking you, our readers, to take five minutes today to click the link below and fill out a quick survey so that we can show people just what is popular today, and provide a handful of examples for those researching CMSs to check out (and be sure to tweet, email, or share the survey with colleagues at other schools). We’ll follow up with a report on the results, and then begin a series of user contributed articles talking about their experience deploying and using particular CMSs.

(Aside: And be sure to check out CMS Matrix if you need a tool to begin doing comparisons with. Also, I’ll be presenting part of a series featuring open source CMSs in higher ed with Higher Ed Experts in April if you’re interested in dotCMS, Drupal, or WordPress.)

Our hope is that this will help provide some stepping stones for those designing, redesigning, or realigning a site who need a new CMS to serve as the foundation for their university’s site. We appreciate any information you can share with us.

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    When will your results be published?

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    Results will be published on Wednesday, the 17th.

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      Great, thanks. I’m looking forward to see the results.

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    My bad, only just read your post… I wish I had known before I did what I did yesterday :(

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    Great article thx a lot!

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