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Content Strategy Roles and You

For all of the web shops out there that are already set up with eight different people devoted to the content strategy process for your university - see you later. You probably don’t need to worry about today’s post. For the rest of you (by which, I think we’re still talking about nearly everyone), well, [...]

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Content Strategy is More than Marketing Strategy

I know that many of you are in the same camp as me when it comes to the ideal way of setting up effective web governance. The prime idea being that “web communications,” as a discipline and as an organizational unit, isn’t something that answers solely to marketing, public relations, or information technology. When you [...]

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Content Management Manifesto

It is the ocean. A never-ending sea of waves, storms, battles, and challenges. Where we think we see an island of solitude, it’s merely an illusion brought on by fatigue and frustration. What is it? Managing the content of our web sites. First piece of advice, go read Kristina Halvorson’s Content Strategy for the Web. [...]

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