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Boston-area #edutweetup on June 12 with special guest Associate Director!

Tuesday, June 8,


The .eduGuru team will host a Boston-area #edutweetup on Saturday, June 12 starting at 8pm. If you’ve been to an #edutweetup in the past, you know that they’re usually good fun and a great way to network with others in related fields. If you’ve never been to a tweetup and want to see what it’s [...]

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eduTweetup: It’s STILL About the Community, Stupid

Tuesday, August 11,


So I’ll be one of many to proclaim our second eduTweetup last Saturday as another major success.  A great time was had by all, especially when the late-night dancing began.  Our community continues to grow and expand as I was able to meet for the first time a handful of individuals who work at local [...]

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