eduTweetup: It’s STILL About the Community, Stupid

So I’ll be one of many to proclaim our second eduTweetup last Saturday as another major success.  A great time was had by all, especially when the late-night dancing began.  Our community continues to grow and expand as I was able to meet for the first time a handful of individuals who work at local schools.  You know what? That is what these events are ALL ABOUT!  Yes, it’s a chance for old friends to spend some quality time together but also for new friendships to be built.

What makes a blog like this a success or not is completely dependent on the community.  When you have a community that might be separated and spread out across the nation, it can be hard to stay connected.  Without readers, is there any point in having a blog? It is these important connections  that hold us together and why conferences and events like this tweetup are so much fun.  There is a group of individuals that really understand what you go through daily and run into the same set of challenges and situations.  With humans being a very social species it’s very important for us to bond and to realize that we aren’t alone.

I realize that not everyone could physically attend the event, but it’s the true sign of a community when you still make the effort to virtually attend!

mhaithaca virtual tweetup eduTweetup: It’s STILL About the Community, Stupid

timNekritz virtual tweetup eduTweetup: It’s STILL About the Community, Stupid

Social Media = Relationships

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…social media is simply about building relationships.  There really isn’t anything more complicated about it than that.  Yes, it’s a fun buzz word that we can’t seem to get enough of, but it’s really the oldest form of marketing, not this brand new concept.  Through networks like Facebook and Twitter we are able to build upon existing relationships and make new connections that might otherwise have been physically impossible.  Your connections really are only as valuable as the relationships that you have built with each.

Create Your Own Event

Nothing beats getting the chance to meet people that you have associated with for months on the web.  So I’m really leaving you with a challenge here.  Take the tools that you have available and nuture your own community.  Bringing together a group of prospective students or coworkers has never been easier.  The tools are all right there and available.  Connect the dots and let the web assist you in taking these relationships to the next level.  Remember: 99% of your prospective students are on social media!

Here are just some of the tools available for you to organize and promote an event.  What are you waiting for?

  • Upcoming – Yahoo event management tool,
  • EventBright – Online Event Registration
  • Facebook Event Invitations – Come on, who isn’t on Facebook?
  • Twitter Hashtags – Create your own and let the community share along.
  • Yelp – In a metro area find a great place to have the event.
  • Outlook – Even this “ancient” email client can easily allow you to create and schedule a meeting… er, I mean event.
  • Word of Mouth – Yes, this still gets the job done.

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    You hit the nail on the head, Kyle. I’m never really sure why so many people have difficulty realizing Twitter is about building *community.* It’s about conversations, not a bunch of one-way communications. But things like Tweetups (I really should try to schedule something locally) break the fourth wall and make the relationships even more concrete. Oh, and they’re mighty fun too.

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    I’d add to your list of tools/resources what I think is one of the best sources for collecting RSVPs, attendees TwitterIDs and the ability to print cool name tags for the event:

    The gathering was awesome. Hope we can extend our network even more for the next tweetup! Thanks for being such a great host!

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    Yes, I’ve found so many friends online and I’m so happy that I found them.. They really changed my life in a good way. I never knew world is so beautiful. Yes, twitter is all about making friends. All of us are interdependent friends.