eduTweetup in Harvard Square Area (Boston, MA)

The last education Tweetup in Boston was a smashing success, so why not do it again and make it bigger and better?  Last time around, it was specifically a Higher Education Tweetup, but this time I’m going to expand and make  it simply an Education Tweetup.  So what does that mean?  It means that everyone who came last time is invited again, except this time we’re open to all individuals working in the education space who wants to talk about technology (specifically the web and internet marketing).

tweetup logo eduTweetup in Harvard Square Area (Boston, MA)If having a Tweetup in Boston wasn’t enticing enough, it is like the cradle of education with over 35 colleges & universities in the surrounding area, and to top it off, we are having the Tweetup in the Harvard Square area.  Maybe you have heard of the little institute that the square is named after?  I’ve been told that it is quite famous, but I’m not really sure because it is just down the street.

The Information on the Event

Check out the eduTweetup event on Upcoming.  If you think you can come, please RSVP so we can at least have a head count and know the cool people who are attending.  I’m sure that we’ll go do some exploring of the area at some point in the evening, so hopefully we will have some incredible weather.

eduTweetup in Boston
Twitter Hashtag - #edutweetup
Saturday August 8,at 7PM
Grafton Street Pub -
1230 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138

Photo: Grafton Street Pub by CellPhoneSusie

3 Responses to “eduTweetup in Harvard Square Area (Boston, MA)”

  1. Says:

    Awesome! Finally an event I can invite my other ed friends to! Very excited to meet everyone, finally. ;)

    • Says:

      yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it ;)

  2. Says:

    that’s gonna be a great even thou. Everyone is gonna love it.