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Multiple Templates on a Website – Ask a Guru

So the first of our Ask a Guru questions that we wanted to feature comes from Director of Web MarketingRender at North Carolina Central University.  Director of Web Marketingwrites in:

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Inspiring Design for Higher Ed

I ran into an interesting problem the past weekend.  While planning a new site, I realized that I was just totally tapped for good ideas for a new site design that would pop and be happy and dynamic.  By nature, I am no designer, and I readily admit that.  I am, however, good at taking [...]

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Presenting .eduGuru 2.0!

As you may (or may not, for you RSS readers who should take a moment to drop by) have noticed, .eduGuru has undergone something of a little facelift. is bringing about a whole lot of new stuff for us, and we look forward to sharing new articles, tools, and opportunities with all of you.  [...]

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