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Need a Link Building Strategy? Create Content!

Need a Link Building Strategy?  Create Content!

So a few weeks ago we talked about Off-Page Optimization where the whole strategy there is to get inbound links and to do a good job of internal linking.  So after you have mastered internal linking it’s time to get those external links.  This can be extremely challenging and if you go about it the [...]

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Understanding SEO: On-Page

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not pixie dust or snake oil. It’s a group of fundamental things that when done to a website it makes your site more accessible and usable.  The thing that I tell people all the time is “A search bot is your dumbest blindest user. If you aren’t creating your site [...]

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What the heck does Webmaster mean? Specialized Skill Sets of the Web

The web definitely isn’t as simple as it used to be.  Back in the ‘90s you could get away with one person who kept up with a website and everything that went into it.  This one Webmaster could handle everything.  I have the job title of Webmaster at Wofford and I have a hard time [...]

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How to SEO a College Homepage 101

I’ve been kind of neglecting the SEO part of this blog, so lets get started. The most important page on your college site is your Institutional homepage. For Wofford roughly one third of all pageviews are this page. Because of this importance it is vital that this page is not just optimized for a human [...]

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Links of the Week May 2nd, 2008

Busy busy busy week… and I’m not really even sure why? I’ve got some really good projects and posts in the work to share if I can only find time to complete them and then write about them.

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Website Grader: A Quick Site Audit Tool for Free

Website Grader is one of those excellent free resources that I run on sites about once a month. In it its own words:

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