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Save your sanity and use a grid

University web designers have a tough enough job as it is, juggling users needs while pleasing committees and numerous other stakeholders. Doesn’t matter if your web office has complete control or just influence, using a grid can make completely unrelated sites look uniform.

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Talkback: Successful Higher Ed Branding for the Web

Hopefully, when I mention the words “branding” and “print” in the same sentence, every web developer out there reading this cringes.  So, with that in mind, how many of you have web branding guidelines that grew from print standards?  I hope the number is very few, but I suspect that there are a lot of [...]

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Web Development Tools. What’s in your web toolbelt?

Regardless the programming language the ultimate goal is to spit out as clean, standard and accessible code as possible. I come from a programming background and love all the hard core optimization and am always looking for the best framework. But it doesn’t mean anything if what the browser and user see is sub optimal.

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