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Multiple Templates on a Website – Ask a Guru

So the first of our Ask a Guru questions that we wanted to feature comes from Director of Web MarketingRender at North Carolina Central University.  Director of Web Marketingwrites in:

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Content is More Important than Design

Now I know that some web designers out there can’t wait to get to the comment section to “rip me a new one,” but please humor me and read through my reasoning here.  I hope you will see this is a well thought out and valid argument worth your time.  Then after reading you are [...]

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Wofford Monthly Web Analytics Summary - April

Just a quick post on a Monday morning. Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. I finished compiling the monthly web analytics on Friday, but didn’t get around to sharing. This month is the first to have full data for off-campus traffic and blog data pulled through Google Analytics. For information about how to track off [...]

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