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IMHO 7 Reasons Why Higher Ed Is the Best Gig in All the Web

Okay, I simply couldn’t resist tossing out a counterpoint here. This topic was started by Mark Greenfield (who was following up on a Steve Krug presentation) and continued here recently by my colleague Nikki. The reason that I want to run this from the other side is twofold: one, sometimes we just need a boost.  [...]

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IMHO 7 Reasons Why Higher Ed Is the Toughest Gig in All the Web

I was on Twitter last week when Mark Greenfield put out the following call:

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PredictionThe year of the Mobile phone

Ok so maybe you are one of the people who see mobile making amazing strides inand simply think well duh, of courseis the year of the cell phone. Look at all the big things that have happened and are about to happen to really push the envelope. Hopefully you have seen [...]

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