PredictionThe year of the Mobile phone

Ok so maybe you are one of the people who see mobile making amazing strides inand simply think well duh, of courseis the year of the cell phone. Look at all the big things that have happened and are about to happen to really push the envelope. Hopefully you have seen some of these “big” things that I’m referring too?  If your one of those people well I guess you can stop reading. Otherwise let me present why we are just ahead of the Perfect Storm of opportunities:

  1. The iPhone was a huge hit! Yes lots of people complain about no GPS and security issues, but let’s face it these things are selling quickly and it’s the most talked about gizmo out there. Yes businesses aren’t really excited about them as I’ve read numerous articles in both E-Week and InformationWeek about this, but the users seem to love them. What does the iPhone do that is so awesome? To me the biggest advantage is that it can render a website in its full glory as if your viewing it on a normal computer. That’s right no mobile CSS needed for this mobile device! I really can’t believe more people haven’t been talking about this point? This in itself really makes website programmers and developers have to think if all the time spent on designing sites that are mobile phone friendly will really even matter in another year or two?
  2. You have probably heard about the Februarymandate of all television broadcast will be pure digital and no longer analog? So how is this related? Well this old UHF spectrum is going to be auctioned off later in this month and the expected bidders are mostly cell phone companies and technology companies like Google. It’s pretty safe to assume at this point that this spectrum will be consumed by cell phone and wireless transitions. I’m sure I’ll blog about the winners when the time comes. You can read more about this at BusinessWeek.
  3. Verizon has announced plans to open up it’s network to third party devices. Although some are very skeptical this, to me is an admission by a large player that the field is about to drastically change. In Europe this is standard and with services like Skype using VOIP and free wireless access you really don’t even need a carrier. It has to be a concern that with wireless networks being added to more cities that this is a major concern. Another angle would speculate that Verizon is obviously showing support for Google’s Android, the Open Handset Alliance to create an Open Source Linux OS that would be Standard for cell phones.
  4. Well as I just mentioned we have Android. I have very obvious speculations about why Google is interested in an open source OS platform, but I’ll save my assessment of Google and their predicted path for another post. Android, if universally adopted (and there is little reason to believe with Google’s recent track record that it won’t display some clout), has the possibility to really change the mobile environment. It is being supported by 33 other companies besides Google. We are talking about one OS with the dominance of Windows on personal computers, and it’s Open Source FREEWARE! Ok ok, so maybe it’s a little bold to say that Blackberry, Palm, and Windows Mobile are done for, but there are 20+versions of mobile linux currently out there!

Ok so there you go! Four solid points that say we are in for some big changes in our cell phones as we know them today. Maybe some of my predictions are off, but if one of these comes out big then doesn’t that make my prediction correct? So I’m hedging my prediction with four possible positive outcomes, what’s wrong with that? I’ll definitely be sure to follow this as the year progresses.

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13 Responses to “PredictionThe year of the Mobile phone”

  1. Says:

    Yes, iPhones was a huge hit and people couldnt stop talking less abuot them. but one can’t ignore the fact that other mobiles companies are providing a little more than what iPhone is. For instance, u talked about GPS, who don’t want it in their mobiles?? yes screen alot better than many and viewing of websites is lot more fun and easy but other mobiles offer tihs too. Viewers still love them but i will remain with my point of view that if it doens’t provides the vital services, what use it is of??

  2. Says:

    Iphone is undeniably cool but it is still behind N96 performance capacity. GPS, wifi, symbian OS, mobile TV capability, great sound, etc.

  3. Says:

    I think the refusal of Verizon to play nicely with anyone or anything that threatens their totalitarian control over their handsets and network is going to bite them in the ass. I’m a VZ subscriber only for the network. But I’m starting to feel gravity pulling me away. An Apple phone is one thing. But Google software on a phone is a whole other beast. Hopefully this’ll hit Verizon hard and wake them up from their ridiculously stubborn ways.

  4. Says:

    Thanks for your analysis. I would add one more point - development of
    payment wireless technology

  5. Says:

    Yes, There are latest phones like Omnia, Inno8, iPhone 3G, N96, Google G1 realeased in 2008. Still, there are some most talked about phones to be released in near future.

  6. Says:

    It’d be interesting to review this article in hindsight. I think the iPhone definitely revolutionised mobile web browsing, but was that in the pipeline for other phone developers at the time?

    I’m not sure the google operating system really took the world by storm.

    As for the others I’d be interested in you thoughts after the fact, so to speak.

  7. Says:

    Iphone is undeniably cool but it is still behind N96 performance capacity. GPS, wifi, symbian OS, mobile TV capability, great sound, etc.

  8. Says:

    2 years passed, it will be interesting to see which direction Apple take with the new iPhone.

  9. Says:

    Nice prediction…
    Waiting for yourprediction

  10. Says:

    There seems to be no limit to the cell phone models coming into the market. With every new model that comes into the market been better than the previous one, people are buying cell phones at a very high rate.


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